Future of medical science

Medical science affects us all. Nowadays the whole humanity works to provide solutions to diseases of all kinds. As a result of a common effort, remedies that touch the miraculous are developed, advances in medicine do not stop surprising us. These are some of the recent discoveries and how they will affect humanity in the not too distant future.

Advances in Medical Science:

Until a few years ago, Parkinson’s disease was considered incurable, it is true that there were medications to alleviate its consequences, but the disease was considered chronic. An Austrian laboratory patented the PD01A vaccine, a drug that beyond alleviating symptoms was capable of fighting the disease. This vaccine destroys the toxic protein alpha-synuclein that affects the nervous system generating Parkinson’s.

Currently, it is still testing what could be the definitive flu vaccine. It is vaccine developed in California, capable of generating an antibody called CR9114 that fights against viruses to type A and B and that can, therefore, fight all types of influenza.

The research with stem cells will bring us amazing news for the next decades. Cells of this type capable of regulating the activity of genes can already be extracted from human skin. The applications of stem cells are endless from the treatment of more than 80 serious anomalies to organ transplants.

Face transplants are a reality. Currently, work is being done to reduce operating time. In the first ever transplant surgery, it took 24 hours and to improve the results.

One of the greatest technological advances in recent times is electronic eyes. It is true that work is still ongoing on the project, but MIT has already developed a camera that generates impulses and allows partially seeing people who are blind. The microchip works from the human heat itself.

If we talk about the fact of extending life, no discovery like that made by King’s College London, this institution managed to find eight genetic modifications responsible for the process of old age. They determined a series of hormones that actively intervened for 20-30 years to then diminish their effect, enhancing these hormones can lengthen the life of a person considerably.

These are some of the most surprising medical advances in recent years. Medical Science will continue to amaze humanity and putting the necessary means to help our health thanks to medical technology.

The future of Medical Science:

It is estimated that 10 years from now we will be able to see more medical advances than in the entire last century. We will take giant steps thanks to data collection, artificial intelligence, Apps and, above all, a new technological vision applied to a change in the health paradigm.

There is already talk that in the future medicine will be much more personalized, without such generic treatments. By having treatments more in tune with individual reality, efficiency will increase.

For example, 3D printers have already opened a world when it comes to helping society (read it). The fact that organs can be manufactured now and it would stop waiting for transplants among many other things.

It is clear that the future of medicine includes technology. Because well-being is not a trend, it’s a matter of health. And health better cares for thanks to technology.